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General information about Estetico

We are a medical cabinet with long-standing experience. Since the beginning Estetico is led by Dr Jolanta Ulatowska. Our passion are laser surgeries performed on the highest possible level using the gold standard lasers. We help people with excessive growth of hair, scars, discoloration and wrinkles for years.

We co-operate with producers of the best curative preparations  , and we use only original and certified remedial substances.

Our staff is highly trained, responsible and experienced. We all keep to a principle, that to care means to keep permanent contacts with our patients and be able to give appropriate consultation, also after the treatment. We keep our patients in minds even after their leaving of Estetico cabinet.  Choosing us you will feel safe.

Our location and how to get to the cabinet

The nearest of our cabinet, which is located at Kopernika Street 67/69, where we perform laser depilation , there is a main train station in Łódź, providing both national and international courses,  Łódź Kaliska Station. There is also a main bus station in Łódź. You can get to Estetico walking and it takes about 8-10 minutes.

From Łódź Fabryczna stadion you need to walk to Narutowicza Street, and then get on a tram number 12 or 14 towards Wyszyńskiego. Getting to the right stop takes 20 minutes. You need to get off at Kopernika 59/64 and walk about 2 minutes in straight line.

From Władysław Reymont airport you can get to us getting on a bus number 65. You need to get off at Włókniarzy-Łódź Kaliska Estakada stop, and walk about 4 minutes.

If you would like to get any injection treatment like botox, fulfillment with hyaluronic acid or removal of scares or discolorations with Fraxel restore laser, you need to get to our second cabinet, which is located at Pojezierska Street 48 in Łódź.

The devision and descriptions of our treatments

Before every treatment, patients are obligated to fill an information survey, then they have an appointment with our doctor and they are informed about course of the chosen treatment, its effects and possible complications.

    Laser hair removal is made with Vectus and Milesman lasers. The best effects are seen with thick and dark hair and light skin. Amount of treatments is variable and it depends on patient’s hormones. It is usually 4-6 treatments with 8 weeks between each one (4 weeks in case of face depilation). For people with very delicate hair we also offer waxing. Depilation can be performed under local anesthetic.

Corundum microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment performed in order to exfoliate and refresh skin. We always match this kind of treatment with fruit acids. It should be made every 3-4 weeks in 6 series of treatment, but we also give you an opportunity to enjoy only a single beauty treatment. It obturates pores and makes your skin bright.Teeth whitening with an LED lamp is performed in patients with healthy teeth previously sandblasted by a dentist. Whitening is recommended to people who want to make their smile brilliant and they are not fully convinced of efficiency of whitening at home. The treatment will not work on any dentures, veneers or stained and discoloured teeth.   There is no need to repeat the treatment and the whole procedure lasts about 1,5 hour.

Fraxel restore laser treatments are dedicated to people who suffer from scares or discolorations, or who just want to revitalize and regenerate their skin. This procedure need to be repeated every 4-5 weeks (about 3-5 treatments). Skin changes gradually, final effects are seen after 6 months. The treatment is made under local anesthetic, and for that reason we also make an appointment about an hour earlier to let anesthetic work properly.

The treatment with usage of botulinum  toxin is made in case of facial lines of a forehead and eyes areas, and in case of excessive sweating of hands and armpits. The treatment need to be made twice a year. The best results in reduction of facial lines reach patients between 30 and 50 years of age.

Fulfillment with hyaluronic acid is made in case of nosolabial fold, tears valey, cheeks, mouth and very strongly shaped lion’s wrinkle. It is enough to undergo the treatment once a year, the effect declines gradually. The preparations are totally harmless – hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human body.

We also add hyaluronic acid to cocktails in the mesotherapy treatment. Then the treatment should be renewed once a month, about 5 visits. We receive an amazing effect of humidification and brighten skin, we arouse natural synthesis of collagen and elasticin in our skin.


Price-list (Euro):

Laser hair removal:                          25-100 €. Given price depends on an area of depilation.

Microdermabrasion:                        25 €

Fraxel restore treatment:                70-280 €. Given price depends on an area of depilation.

Whitening of teeth:                          80 €

Botox:                                                100-300 €. Given price depends on an area  of the treatment.

Fulfillment with hyaluronic acid:   80-180 €. Given price depends on an area  of the treatment.

Mesotherapy:                                   35 € for one treatment.


 91-338 Łódź, ul. Pojezierska 48

 90-553 Łódź, ul. Kopernika 67/69, gabinet nr 8

 00-681 Warszawa, ul. Hoża 43/49, lokal 16

 62-500 Konin, ul. Wojska Polskiego 33 (Multimed) gabinet nr 145C

 09-400 Płock. ul. Rutskich 7

  tel.:42 637 38 48

  tel.:42 630 05 39


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